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Books Edited by WordEthic, LLC

Okay, so you're this close to finishing your book. All the experts recommend getting professional help for those last crucial steps, you know, the proofreading, basic editing, deep editing, artwork for the cover and inside the manuscript, and formatting for e-books and ink on paper versions.


At WordEthic, that's exactly what we do, at surprisingly low rates. Drop me an e-mail briefly describing the type of project you have and which services you need, and I'll send you a rate sheet:


Here are testimonials by highly pleased clients:


Here are some books by highly pleased clients:

Wins and Loses

My 80 Years On and Off the Court

by Charles Thomas Crosby

Wins and Loses

My life seemed so ordinary over the years­­­­, hardly worth writing about, but my family, my friends, and my ancestry, that’s a different matter. This book is not about me alone.


I was an all-American basketball player in college and a successful coach, but like all of us, my story was interrupted several times over the decades.


This is me on and off the court, my wins and losses.



Available in paperback on Amazon.

Approaching Life With Confidence

Defeat Depression and Anxiety by Taking Charge of Your Mind

by Brian K. Chandler

Approaching Life With Confidence

This friendly, hands-on book offers simple principles of human behavior that, when understood and applied consistently, can significantly improve the quality of your life and satisfaction with who you are.


That’s a bold claim, but you are guided through the change. It will take your best effort, but these lessons and examples and suggestions and reminders can empower you to take charge of your mind and your behavior.


It really is that simple, and you can begin now.



Available on Amazon.

Two by Two

Life of a Mormon Missionary

by Brian K. Chandler

Two LDS missionaries

The purpose of this book is to take the reader through the life of a fairly typical Mormon missionary from childhood to post-mission life.


It reviews basic tenants of the LDS faith, including aspects of Mormon culture, and provides some understanding of the whole concept of missions. It discusses how one prepares for and is called to serve a mission and ultimately what missionaries do on a daily basis.


Personal accounts from individuals who have served missions in various regions of the world are provided that highlight the many trials and blessings a missionary is likely to encounter.



Available on Amazon.


by Michael Bowman


Your success may not be related to real estate or to car sales, but these ideas apply to any business idea you have or temporal success you desire. Here are the six success principles:

Hungry – Be hungry enough to satisfy your dreams and aspirations.

Unthinkable – Short on cash, I traded two trucks for three houses.

Suck up – Sometimes it pays to be a brownnoser.

Time – Countless cold calls and rejections, then comes the deal you want.

Limitless – Don’t settle for other peoples’ limits.

Efficient – Be smart and work your plan.

More important than any one of those principles is to Repeat. Repeat. Never be satisfied with just one good outcome.

Kindle version, click here.

Paperback version, click here.

The Ds of the Deal

18 Principles That Build Cash and Equity in Real Estate and Real-Life Situations

by Michael Bowman


You already look for opportunities to succeed by helping others get what they want. Good Deals come in many forms but often require thinking in unique ways and seeing things differently from how others see what is all around us.


These are the Ds of the Deal, 18 principles starting with D, that lead you to Deals that provide opportunities to build up cash and equity.


Death, Divorce, and Disease are just the first and most obvious sources of Deals. Disaster, Depression, Debt and Demand are in here, as are Dumb, Dumpy, and Drunk. Desire is one of the Ds, not yours but the client’s.


Next to last is Dirtbag, as in don’t be one.

On Amazon, find it here.

I Wrote a Book. Now What?

by Beth Carter

Beth I Wrote A Book.jpg

I WROTE A BOOK. Now What? will become your new, dog-eared best friend. Written with humor and much-needed encouragement from an award-winning, multi-published author and former marketer, this action-packed comprehensive guide is for beginning writers.


As Carter discusses her pot-holed journey, she cheers you on while you navigate the ever-changing world of publishing by sharing her wacky, real-life writing experiences.


Part craft book. Part marketing. Part author journey, including Writing Advice, Inspiration, Website Tips, Building Publishing Credits, Query Letters, Grammar & Punctuation, Finding Agents, Editors and Readers, a Marketing 101 primer.

Available on Amazon, Kindle and paperback.

Growing Up on Pulley Hill

Times Were Tough Back Then But Life Was Good

by Nonnie Genese Pulley

Growing Up on Pulley Hill

I grew up in Mississippi, and as I walk down memory lane, my childhood memories are sprinkled with both sunshine and rain.  As I look back on times past, it feels like springtime when the flowers are in full bloom compared to the way life is now for my children and grandchildren.  Times were tough back then, but life was good.


As poor as we were, we lived the American dream.  My parents owned their home with 16 acres of land, without a mortgage and debt-free.  Our parents could discipline us and we could go barefoot, get dirty, or go hungry without Family Services knocking on our door because Social Services and Family Services were not invented yet. 


I understand what they mean by the “good old days” because that is where I grew up.



Coming soon to a Kindle near you. Just one of several cover designs considered.

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