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Look Ma, Three Hands and Four Years With No Car

Stories on Two Wheels from the 2020 Trek Century Challenge


Bike Riding in Traffic and Other Enduring Mysteries

People yell, honk, throw things, even bark and howl at me, just because I ride a bike in traffic. I understand their frustration. I used to be one of those miserable car drivers, too, and there are few things worse.

The three times I’ve driven in the last four years have confirmed that going bike only was the right decision, a physically and emotionally satisfying experience. Except for suicidal chipmunks, bloody, rib-breaking crashes, and all the women running after me to high-five my helmet, my 18,000 miles on the bike have been good. I have one of the best farmer’s tans in the country, my legs are like rocks, plus, my annual transportation costs average just $280.

Here are some of those stories, outlined by the 2020 Trek Century Challenge, a 31-day, 715-mile ride filled with adventure and wonder, plus tales of bike rides long ago. Most of them are funny, except for the sad ones, and the few that I can’t decide are which. Also, there’s no poetry.



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Second Edition

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