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The Creek Was Our Bathtub

The Story of Ormal Creach

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The Creek Was Our Bathtub

Ormal's life was uneventful the first twelve years, until he was struck suddenly with osteomyelitis. The disease altered forever his activity and snuffed most of his childhood dreams and ambitions. At fifteen, his father died. Ormal was forced to live with his grandparents, never again to enjoy family life with his mother, brothers, and sisters.


Ormal survived and, through sheer will, eventually prospered. He married and raised two fine sons. He rose to positions of influence and reputation in his profession and has long been known as a philanthropist.


Since childhood, Ormal Creach never sought security, but opportunity. Like his mother, he rejected being a kept-citizen, never asking for nor accepting state or federal handouts. He met the challenges of his life head-on. It was his heritage to dream; it was his determination to do.


This is Ormal's story. So far.


The Creek Was Our Bathtub is not a WordEthic book, not yet, but my first published book from 1988. It is unavailable for sale at the moment, but I know of several boxes filled with 30-year-old hardbacks that I’m trying to get my hands on. I’m also editing the e-book.



The cover artwork was originally designed by Shelley Reeves Smith, who formed a greeting card company called Among Friends and spent most of her career so far as a graphic designer in Kansas City, Missouri. She’s also in a pretty good hillbilly band.



The cover painting, commissioned by Ormal, is by Dennis Yates, who lived near Macks Creek at the time.

Sample from The Creek Was Our Bathtub: The Story of Ormal Creach.

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