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Why Not A $530,000 Minimum Wage?

If it's good enough for baseball...

It rarely happens that anything on Facebook changes our minds, but I have been persuaded to reconsider my stance on the minimum wage. There is debate about whether there should be a minimum wage, and what a fair minimum should be, but I think the solution is obvious.

Major League Baseball has long had a minimum wage, and it seems to work for them. If it is good enough for America’s pastime, it is good enough for America.

Rather than an hourly wage, which selfish business owners limit by reducing hours worked, there should be a minimum annual salary. That is the fairest thing for everyone, regardless of the job, regardless of hours worked.

The minimum annual salary for MLB is $530,000, so the only right and fair thing is to establish that amount as the base pay for every worker in America, legal or not.

Here are the benefits. We would win the war on poverty overnight. Unemployment would zero out by this time tomorrow. We would end the healthcare crisis because everyone would be well-insured and could afford the copays. There would be a boom in the housing industry and the automobile industry. The demand for big-screen televisions and elective surgery would skyrocket. Everyone could skip the iPhone 8 and go straight to the iPhone X. We could have all the cheese puffs and root beer floats we wanted. We could even afford to go to a baseball game.

America would truly be great again.

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