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What Kind of Camera Do You Have?

I'm a writer, but no one has ever asked me what kind of word processor I use.

Image by PhotoEthic

I’ve taken and sold lots of photographs, even put myself through college taking pictures. I can’t count the number of times people have asked, “Ooooh, what kind of camera do you have?”

Why is that?

I’ve written and sold dozens of stories and articles, even wrote a book or two, and no one has ever said, “Hey, nice article. What kind of word processor do you use?”

Why is that?

Aren’t photography and writing both forms of creative expression? Don’t both require technical skill enhanced and empowered by individual sensitivity and emotion and vision? Aren’t they both the result of perspective, of thought, even passion? Aren’t they both intimate and personal, and when done well, universal? Aren’t they both Art?

Why is it that the one seems to be the result, perhaps the inevitable result, of mere equipment, while the other is not? Did anyone ever say, “Leonardo, that’s some picture–what kind of brushes you using?” or, “Michey, that David, it’s nice. What kind of chisel you do that with?”

I doubt it.

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