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Pilot G-2 07 Pens: All Are Safely Gathered In

A guy can't have too many pens, because this guy can't keep track of them.

I have 22 Pilot G-2 07 pens, 16 black and 6 that are blue, red, green, teal, orange, and something else. The reason I have so many is that I can’t keep track of them. I keep the black ones and the blue one and the red one in the CBCO cup, the others in the Revolver cup. As you can see, there are 4 colored ones where they belong, the blue in one cup, and teal, green, and orange in the other. I don’t know where the red one is, and I can’t remember the color of the other missing one.

Only one black pen is in the cup. I have one in each of my suit jackets, so that’s 4. I have one on my dresser and one in each back pack, so that’s 3 more. Only 8 unaccounted for, not counting the red and the other colored one. Let me see if I can find them.

There is one in my bookcase, clipped to some papers I’m editing, which makes sense, and one on the ironing board, which makes less sense. There is one on my office wall, propped on two magnetic pins that hold up note cards with my daily goals on them. It turns out there is an extra one on my dresser and one on my nightstand, which would make more sense if there were something to write ON there, too. There were two on the kitchen table, next to my Kindle Paperwhite. I guess that’s just a habit, having a pen handy when I read. There also is a black one in the pencil jar by the stove, where I keep mechanical pencils.

That’s all the black ones accounted for. Yay! Which leaves only…. Ah, there it is, the red one, under a white legal pad with notes about goals for upcoming books, and a hanging file with a bunch of papers in it, and a 12-foot extension cord, and about 20 loose sheets of paper with a bunch of numbers on them, and a yellow legal pad with notes for a non-writing project, on top of a book about starting a business, which has a bunch of red underlines and notes in it.

Oh, and there’s the other one, which turns out to be green, also, clipped to some pages marking my place in a teach-yourself-to-play-bass book I haven’t looked at lately and have never written in.

All are safely gathered in, so it’s back to work.

Maybe I’ll eat lunch first…

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