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Gone AND Forgotten

This is what I remember from my great idea that I didn't write down.

I’ve struggled for a couple of weeks over how to conclude my current writing project. A dozen ideas have come, half a dozen have been tried, and all have been rejected. Today, an idea came, a story that perfectly summarized the book. It was brilliant, and it initiated a sequence of two apt quotations and an additional story from my past. A perfect ending.

Unfortunately, I was at work, away from a pen and paper, so I couldn’t write the idea down. I had my phone with me, but was not in a position to use the Note app. “I’ll remember the idea,” I thought, “it’s too good to forget.”

Then I forgot. Ten minutes later, it was gone. I’ve tried and tried to recall it, to no avail. Maybe it will come back. Sometimes ideas come back in a day or two, when I’m thinking of something else. It will just click, then it’s there. Most of the time, though, once the idea is gone, it is gone for good.


Is that how it is for you?

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